Hotel Fariones Experiences

Room 214

Artisan Concept Store

Artisan Concept Store open to all audiences, both hotel customers and for those curious on the street, with a taste for original, detailed, quality products and authentic exclusivity. It was born from a meeting of artisans and artists from all disciplines of art, fashion and design.

Exclusive and original, it offers an artisan, creative and unique proposal on the island, where art, culture, fashion, jewelry, and gastronomy are integrated in complete harmony, with crafts and small producers being "handmade", the inspiration and the engine of the Room 214 experience.

The taste for excellence in design of the interior designer and close friend Rafael del Castillo, is present once again in the last room of the exclusive Hotel Fariones *****. In the Room 214 experience you will find each individual rooms within a large room, from the living room surrounded by art, paintings, decoration; the kitchen, converted into a Gourmet space, the children's area and a bathroom area that ends in a complete fashion field dedicated to adults.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 21:30 p.m.
Reception Floor